What to Do When He Doesn’t “Get” Your Business


By Danette Alexandra Malcolm

You are excited about your new venture, and fully aware that it will take dedication to learning, some trial and error and improving on your execution skills to get your business established and making money. You are committed to the journey.

Yay you!

The person in your life however, doesn’t “get” it.

His patience and understanding of the process is not the same as yours. He is doubtful and has become impatient.

He thinks you are wasting your time, and you don’t know what you’re doing.

He tells you this because he loves you and wants what’s best for you.

One challenge for us as women when starting our business is the challenge of explaining what we are doing to the significant people in our lives and in a way that gets them to support us.


Perhaps, the answer is not so much in convincing with words and an outline of our strategy, (as I am sure you’ve done) as much as it is to convince with results.

By results I mean INCOME. To borrow from the movie Jerry McGuire we’ve got to

 Show them the money!

Here are three-steps to do just that:

Step 1:            Adjust your communication

As an entrepreneur you are different from most people. You think differently so you act differently. Your capacity for risk taking is larger than the average person who values the “security” of a job, over the freedom that YOU seek. If you are not speaking to another entrepreneur, it’s important to enter the conversation, knowing that their emotional capacity to “get” your decision to be free to create and serve who you’re here to impact, will not be the same as yours. Learn to tailor what you say to their ability to process and understand. Then get with other entrepreneurs on the same path as you and support one another on your journey.

Step 2:            Focus on Results.

Start by writing down the answers to the following questions

  1. What is my income goal this week? Write it down!
  2. How many clients or customers will I need to enroll to meet that goal? Write it down!
  3. How many people do I need to talk to everyday this week to enroll that number? Write it down!

Step 3:            Commit to Sizzling Action

 Sizzling action is the action you take that gets results. When you bounce in your chair as you work because you are cutting through your resistance and fear. When you take sizzling action it gets easier and easier as you talk to more and more people. Commit fiercely to completing your number everyday until you hit your goal.


Get out there and make it happen, because when you do you are proud to announce your income results to your special person, but more importantly you are proud of your Sizzling Self at the end of the day!


How a Personal Brand will Get You to the Big Leagues


This is the age of the personal brand. And at this moment in pop culture, it is not something that is only “nice to have”, but is often responsible for your rise to the next level.

But make no mistake, personal brands are not just for the “Beyoncé’s and the Oprah’s. Personal brands are for you too, the entrepreneur just starting out on your venture and just putting your ideas together and the service professional who has been in business for years and now looking for a way to pull ahead of the crowd of professionals, scrambling for new business.

Wherever you are in your business evolution, Personal Branding is your pass to the bigger league.

So then how do the best brands attract fans, followers, and ideal clients? How do they make prospects eager to pick-up the phone and whip out their credit card to work with them and buy their products? Here is one key to making that happen.

They are unafraid to be UNIQUE

The strongest personal brands are committed to being unique. They are able to be steadfast in their perspective, or their point of view. So ask yourself this question, what service am I offering and how is my solution offered from my perspective?

For example, lets suppose that there are many professionals in your market, serving clients suffering from memory loss. Some offer to solve their problem by taking a traditional medicine approach; others through herbal medicine and acupuncture, and you operate a hypnosis practice.

Why is hypnosis the best way to solve their problem, what is your point of view on why?

Now ask yourself, what personal attributes and values do I bring into my solution and processes such as your initial consultation with the prospect, and your marketing? How is it infused with your values and therefore different from other professionals?


Think about Lady Gaga? Who do we know that is like her? Nobody. And like Gaga your brand must stand out to the point where there are people that like you, get you and agree with your point of view, and then some who do not.  THIS IS A GOOD THING. You must be confident enough to express your uniqueness and your values in your message, even when it’s hard and you receive negative feedback. The people that love you are your peeps. They are who you are meant to impact, the others are not, their for someone else.

I challenge you to sit with paper and pen and get to work answering these questions because with them answered, you will be well on your way to a sizzling personal brand.

It’s Time to Step Up and Stand Out


Similarity may bring comfort, Your difference is what makes you stand out.

In the  world of business and life, in your difference your advantage lies. Your job then is to understand who you are, what is different about you, and why this difference exist. Once you understand these then get to the business of maximizing this advantage by making it a part of your brand.

All too often we seek to fit in and to go along. Conformity and order certainly have their place however it is not where innovation, creativity or progress exists. These jewels exist on the edge of life, the place where the envelope is not pushed but folded and the game is changed. We have great examples to look to;  Steve Jobs who changed the way we experience music, communication and computing, Mark Zuckerberg changing social media and marketing channels and of course Michael Jordan who showed the world that man could indeed fly (smile). Others have taken the risk of believing that their difference was the key to their success, and today we stand on the platform of their courage as they changed the way we view the world forever.

What difference do you hold? How will you crystallize it so that it may catapult the state of your business or professional development from just blending in to standing out so that your ideal customers identify you. Never underestimate this value as it is the tuner to enhance the very tenor of your organization. The change you seek may rest within the differential you presently find discomforting. Your uniqueness is your beauty in business, perhaps at this moment unpolished or misplaced, but nevertheless it is the source of your success. Brand it.

Alexandra Image & Launch Partners